Sock Facts


Sock Facts


How often do you do your laundry and find you are missing a sock? You patiently set aside the sock, hoping you will discover its mate and bring them back together; but we all know this rarely happens. That leaves us with the million dollar question; where do the missing socks go? Unfortunately, we are not millionaires and have never found the answer (or the sock) to this question ... but we will keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the many product features and styles offered by McGregor brands. Being single can be fun, but it's a shame when a good pair splits up!


What are the different product features?


On your way to fabulous feet! McGregor brands offer a wide variety of products that not only give you comfort, but can benefit your health. See below for some product features.


  • Anti-Bacterial Fiber allows for clean and fresh socks after repeated usage.
  • Arch Support – allows for a better fit and comfort.
  • Comfort Cuff – soft non-binding cuff for extra comfort.
  • Cushion Foot – for added support and shock absorption.
  • Comfort Toe – non-irritating, smooth toe seam.
  • Cool Max – wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping them cool and dry.
  • Full Terry Leg – added comfort and durability.
  • King Size – men's socks are available in shoe sizes 12 to 16.
  • Microfiber – helps to absorb moisture.
  • Non-Elastic Leg – allows for free circulation throughout lower legs and feet; these socks are great for those with circulation problems.
  • Shape Retention – helps keep your socks in the best shape with the help of spandex.


Socks to suit your style; McGregor Socks offers a diverse collection of both men's and women's sock styles to suit your individual needs.


MEN'S: Standard: 7 to 12 shoe size
King Size: 12 to 16 shoe size


WOMEN’S: Standard: 6 to 10.5 shoe size




What colour socks are there?


Socks follow colour trends very closely which allows the ability to offer different products that coordinate with current ready-to-wear colour styles. With today's dyes and dyeing methods, there is virtually no colour or colour effect that cannot be achieved in a sock.


How do I care for my socks?


Take care of your self starting with your socks! Start with a warm cycle, washing your socks inside out. Wash your dark clothes separately; unless of course you are aiming to own more pink socks! Try to avoid bleaching and ironing, and best to tumble dry on low heat. Of course, every sock is different; be sure to read the back of the package to ensure the best wash for your socks.