Operation Sock Monkey

Operation Sock Monkey is a volunteer-run initiative in support of humanitarian organizations that provide laughter, hope and healing to communities around the world affected by disease, disaster and social/political turmoil. Handmade Sock Monkeys can be purchased or sponsored to be sent to children in need of a smile. You can learn more on the OSM website.

From Diana at Operation Sock Monkey:

“Operation Sock Monkey has teamed up with Culture Link in Toronto. To date, over 80 sock monkeys have been given to Syrian children who are resettling in Canada. There is a huge demand for the cuddly creatures. The program for youth who have resettled in Canada arranged for a workshop to create more monkeys. 15 more will now be available for distribution from this effort."

Operative Diana Brugos was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and incredible abilities of the teens participating who themselves were child refugees.