Our Heritage

For 90 years, McGregor Industries has been crafting high-quality socks and legwear. As a family operated company, McGregor is rooted in a tradition of premium craftsmanship and innovation. These guiding principles have allowed McGregor to become the number one brand of better socks and legwear in Canada, as well as a marketer of socks and legwear in 85 countries around the world.




McGregor Socks was founded by brothers, Jack and Nathan Lipson and brother-in-law Joseph Doran in 1928. Although none had Scottish ancestry, Jack’s deep-rooted thrift and fiscal prudence made him fit the stereotype of a frugal Scotsman in almost every way. McGregor quickly grew to sell men’s and boy’s socks in over a thousand menswear stores across Canada.

Continuing to grow, McGregor developed a distinctive cushion sole health sock called Happy Foot in the late 1930s. This sock was unique in its terry cushion sole, pattern, and sanitized process that fights athlete’s foot and prevents odours.

This health sock was patented and exploded on the retail scene. Happy Foot is still in production by McGregor to this day.


Since its inception, the Lipson family has expanded the McGregor brand to include women’s and girl’s legwear products. McGregor also holds licenses to other well-known brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Cole Haan and Michael Kors. Today, McGregor Industries continues to be operated by third generation family members — the Lipson brothers.

McGregor has evolved into a global organization with sales and distribution centres around the world, and offices in Toronto, New York, London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. McGregor products can be found in better department stores, specialty and chain retailers in over 85 countries worldwide.

McGregor Industries

By keeping to a set of core principles that include expertise in design, marketing, global sourcing and distribution, McGregor Industries continues to grow and today is comprised of three subsidiaries:

  • McGregor Socks – Canada
  • American Essentials – U.S.
  • American Essentials International – Europe, South America, Mexico, Middle East, and Asia/Oceania

Global operations are carried out from five different offices Toronto (Head Office), New York, London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.

The McGregor  team is comprised of highly qualified personnel, agents and distributors. Each employee plays a role in implementing a long list of category management services including: seasonal buy plans, plan-o-grams, inventory analysis, in-store servicing, and product knowledge.

The international sourcing network spans all major legwear manufacturing countries, including: U.S., U. K., Pakistan, Japan, China, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, and Portugal. Combined, providing a breadth of high quality, socially compliant sources and unique materials to satisfy diverse global product requirements.


Sales & Distribution

McGregor’s extensive international network of sales and distribution is divided into four regions; Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia/Oceania.